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Your Deacons

Moderator: Becky Frazier with Fran Pickering

Secretary: Linda Liefeld

Deacons' Emergency Fund. Audrey Sinner and Gary Eaton

Prayer Chain Coordinator: Fran Pickering & Becky Frazier

Receptions: Marilyn Brinster and Linda Liefeld

District 1

Lorna Bradley ('16)

District 2

Audrey Sinner ('17)

District 3

Becky Frazier ('18)

District 4

Fran Pickering ('17)

District 5

Gary Eaton ('18)

District 6

Juanita Shearer ('16)

In July Fran will be retiring from the Deacons with six years of service. At the same time, Audrey could re-up for an additional 3 years.

 Gary will retire in July 2018.  Becky could re-up for 3 more years in 2018.  Marilyn and Linda could re-up in July 2019.