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Session Commissions

Session (Governing Body)

The Presbyterian Church takes its name from the New Testament Greek word for "Elder": presbuteros. It describes the way the church is governed, with oversight resting on elected bodies at the congregational, regional and national levels.

The governing group in each congregation is called the Session, a body made up of men and women known as "Elders" who have been "set apart" by election and ordination into a supervisory role. The Session meets monthly to conduct the business of the church. "Teaching Elders" are the name for installed pastors in a congregation. They are also members of the Session with equal rights to the other Elders.

Lay Elders generally serve for staggered three-year terms, with a third of the Session elected each year. Ordination is a for life designation.

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Buildings and Grounds Commission

  • Chair Person: Ken Anderson ('20)
  • Members: Adrienne Shilling, Marilyn Brinster, Randy Dunn, Roger Liefeld, and the Volunteers dedicated to maintaining the Church and grounds.

Clerk of Session

  • Clerk: Helen Purkerson
  • Vice Clerk: Marilyn Brinster

Christian Education/A subcommittee of Worship & Nurture

Christian Nurturing

  • Chair Person: Adrienne Schilling ('19)
  • Members: Michele Rae, Linda Dunn, David Hutchinson

Finance/Stewardship Commission

  • Chair Person: Linda Dunn ('18)
  • Members: Fran Pickering, Randy Dunn, Kathleen Dinwiddie, Helen Purkerson


  • Chair Person: Michelle Rae ('18)
  • Members: Gina Harrington, Linda Dunn, Fran Pickering, Kathleen Dinwiddie

The 2017 Per Capita is $31.43 per member. . Please mark your per capita donations as such. What is per capita? •Per capita funding is how Presbyterians mutually share the costs of coming together to discern the Spirit’s leading for the future. •It is how Presbyterians are trained to become better elders and ministers. •It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the wider church by serving on GA committees and commissions. •It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the Church universal as we commit ourselves to work and live in fellowship with “all persons in every nation” (Book of Order).

Mission & Peacemaking Commission

  • Chair Person: Gina Harrington ('19)
  • Members:

Personnel & Administration Commission

  • Chair Person: Roger Liefeld ('20)
  • Members:

Worship Commission (A subcommittee of Worship and Nurture Commission)

  • Chair Person: Adrienne Schilling ('19)
  • Members: Gina Harrington, Judy Gilbert, Gayle Clemmer, & Doris Perry