July Meditation

Summer is here! Warmth, growth and sunshine surround us. What is God doing in our
In January 2022, I came to Plymouth as your Interim Pastor. What fun we have had! We
collected items to share with the community during Lent, and you wowed me with your
generosity and sense of mission. We looked at the past, present and future of the
church. The mission report will soon be handed out.
July 23rd will be my last Sunday with you. The search for a long term Stated Supply
Pastor has begun. There is so much hope in the air. Your Parish Associate Rev. Pat Berger
will be staying with you. There is goodness ahead. You are a loving congregation
committed to each other and to the church. God will hold you through this time of
change, and the Spirit will blow fresh winds of joy and expectation around you.
Thank you for your partnership in ministry. My husband Ryan and I will cherish our time
with Plymouth, and our prayers go with each of you.
Much love,
Pastor Paulette

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