March 2023 Meditation

In Lent we remember to pray.
We pray for the people of Turkey and Syria
as they seek survivors of the earthquakes
and figure out life again in the midst of such
great grief and tragedy.
We pray for the people of Ukraine, and for
the people of Russia. We pray for truth and
an end to destruction and loss of life.
We pray for those who have lost loved ones
from gun violence. We pray for an end to all
We pray for safety and freedom for all.
In Lent we remember the path of suffering
Jesus entered. “God with us” took on our
very humanity and lived a life surrounded by
life’s grief, injustice, tragedy and violence,
but he chose a life of love in the face of all
the muck.
Together we are learning step by step to
choose love.
We pray for the helpers around the world in
the Middle East, and in Europe. We pray for
those who are fighting for an end to
violence. We pray for our lawmakers that
they may seek your ways first and seek
peace with justice.
In Lent we pray as we seek the face of Jesus.
Where do you find the face of Jesus?
In worship we will be exploring Scripture
passages where Jesus is sought. What does it
mean to look for Jesus in our lives? What
does it mean to follow Jesus?
Come and explore with us!
Much love,
Pastor Paulette