May 2023 Meditation

Spring is here! There are actual flowers blooming.

I remember the Spring of 2021 after the big February ice storm in the Northwest. Our neighborhood was changed forever. So many trees snapped in half or were distorted in other ways. We were without power for 5 days. It really seemed like we would never recover. Then Spring began to happen anyway. The distorted cherry trees still bloomed. Spring was still beautiful,but it looked different.

In worship, we are in the seven weeks of Eastertide liturgically. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and figure out with the disciples how the new life springing up will look. As Jesus ascended into heaven, the disciples knew everything would be different. They and those who came after would be the body of Christ here on earth. Community took on a whole new importance.

We are the church, the body of Christ. Serving together we seek to continue the ministry of love and healing that Jesus started. As the congregation of Plymouth Presbyterian Church, you are a uniquely gifted band of followers who love and support each other and the community through service.

The Mission Study Leadership Team is almost finished with the Mission Study Report which includes a look at the illustrious past of PPC, the present and the future with all its hope and potential. Thank you for your participation in the different events we held this past year. Your involvement aided the Team to understand better where PPC is heading as a community. Together Plymouth Presbyterian Church is “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service.”

Read these words from Jane Parker Huber: Called as partners in Christ’s service. Called to ministries of grace. We respond with deep commitment, Fresh new lines of faith to trace. May we learn the art of sharing. Side by side and friend with friend. Equal partners in our caring, To fulfill God’s chosen end. Christ’s example, Christ’s inspiring. Christ’s clear call to work and worth. Let us follow, never faltering, Reconciling folk on earth. Men and women, richer, poorer, All God’s people, young and old. Blending human skills together, Gracious gifts from God unfold.

On May 28th we remember Pentecost and the joy and mystery of the Spirit coming down upon Christ’s followers creating the Church. It is often called the Birthday of the Church. Let’s celebrate and seek the Spirit’s guiding.

In Christ,
Pastor Paulette

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