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Sermons are Online
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Sermons are posted each week, both in text form and an audio recording.

Pastor will keep preaching and recording them, in hopes you will listen.

The recordings will include music played by Margaret.

Sermons will also include prayer and a benediction, like a mini worship service.

They will be about ½ hour each and you can listen in your homes.

“Waiting for Easter”.
We are now ‘stuck in Lent’ for as long as it is medically advisable to keep the vulnerable safe and slow the spread of the virus. Sermons will continue and we will follow the lectionary scripture readings mostly. But whatever Sunday is the first Sunday back face to face we will celebrate Easter and the Resurrection. Sing: “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today”, etc. It is now clear that this will be AFTER April 12. So we are waiting on medical authorities and local government, and when it’s safe. Whether that’s in May or whenever………

CLICK HERE: Sermons Online

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