February 2023 Meditation

Plymouth is a wonderful church. I am enjoying my time as your interim pastor.

In a year I think we have accomplished a great deal. We have explored the beautiful long history of the church, and have celebrated her impact on the community and beyond. (The church is the bride of Christ and therefore referred to as a “her.”) We have examined the budget and found ways to balance the finances for the longevity of the congregation. We have continued to learn and grow and serve as followers of Jesus on the way together. We have worshiped faithfully. We have surveyed the congregation to find out things that are important to you. We are trying to implement the ideas and values most important to Plymouth as a community. You care for one another well. You make people feel welcome! You are lovely!

February, the month of love, moves us through the teachings of Jesus towards Lent and the powerful impact Jesus had and continues to have and will have for all eternity on all humanity through his life, death and resurrection. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday February 22nd. We will have a service with the imposition of ashes. Lent is a season of spiritual preparation as we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Lent is 40 days minus the Sundays because every Sunday is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

How will you observe Lent this year? Think about taking on a spiritual discipline. Maybe you could spend 5 minutes silently pondering the life of Jesus. Our Lenten theme this year will be “Seeking the Face of Jesus.” We will see Christ’s own face glow at the Mount of Transfiguration. We will see Nicodemus seek Jesus at night, and we will see the woman at the well seek Jesus in the heat of the day. We will see the blind man seeking Jesus beyond sight, and we will see Lazarus seeking Jesus beyond death. The song “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful” in Lift Up Your Hearts, written by Keith Green will be our response. Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful, your face is all I seek. For when your eyes are on this child, your grace abounds to me. Dear ones, we journey together forward, knowing that God holds each of us in the very palms of the very hands that made all of creation.

Much Love, Pastor Paulette