A Word from Presbytery

We, as members of Common Table, have put out a statement with regard to the shared values that we commonly affirm as we make decisions about the potential return to our churches, synagogues and mosques amidst the coronavirus pandemic. There are many competing voices both within the faith community and about the faith community as to when we should return to our buildings. It is important to remember that we never quit being church when we left our buildings. We only shifted how we are church.

We still connect. We still worship. We still study. We still pray. We still are committed to mission. Location does not make a Christian. Faith and practice are the marks of Christian community.

The Presbytery Leadership Commission continues to urge and recommend that our churches follow the guidelines of your governor’s office, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the recommendations coming from our own Re-Opening Task Force.

In hope and trust…

Rev. Brian Heron

Presbyter for Vision and Mission

Presbytery of the Cascades