Makindu Children’s Center needs you support

Three Makindu Homes Destroyed in Flood, Many Others Severely Damaged
The Makindu Children’s Center, nestled in a vulnerable region of Kenya, is facing a dire
situation due to ongoing floods. The majority of families associated with the program
reside in mud huts, which offer little resistance against the heavy rains and floodwaters. Furthermore, essential structures like latrines and kitchen huts are also constructed from mud brick, compounding the vulnerability of the community.
Those most affected are the orphaned and vulnerable children, who now find themselves without a stable home. The emotional toll of displacement, coupled with the loss of familiar surroundings, poses significant challenges to their well-being and development.
In the wake of this crisis, the Makindu community is rallying together to commence cleanup and rebuilding efforts. However, the magnitude of the damage suggests that the road to recovery will be lengthy and arduous. Despite these challenges, the Makindu Children’s Center stands as a beacon of safety and stability, providing a lifeline for the affected families and ensuring continuity in support for the children.
As the community embarks on the journey of rebuilding, there is an urgent need for external support to alleviate the suffering of the affected families. Contributions in the form of shelter, food, and resources are crucial to restoring normalcy and providing hope for a brighter future.
Our gifts are necessary, and very much appreciated.
Donation may be placed in collection place, payable to PPC, note on the envelope or check “Makindu”

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